Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jurassic Park

1. * Dr. Grant- A dinosaur epert, one of the members who goes to the island.
* John Hammond- Creator of Jurassic Park, invited everyone to come and visit.
* Ellie Sattler- Anouther dinosaur expert, assistent to Dr. Grant.
* Ian Malcolm- Mathmaticion, chaos theory epert.
* Nedry- Computer wiz, shuts the system down letting the dinosaurs out.

Dr. Grant

2. * There is a dinosaur cloneing facility on the island.
* High-tech "rides" going about the jungle.
* Dinosaurs are loose every where.
* Virtualy no weapons of any mass.
* Almost no way off the island.

Lose Animals, Danger!

3. * Things go wrong on the island- proves Malcolm's chaos theory.
* Dinosaurs are cloned- shows that we do could start to clone dinosaurs and we won't know the out come.
* Ed Regis dies- Shows that if we do clone, these dinosaurs whould be real things and were and could be dangerous.

Something isn't right

Dr. Grant- So what are you going to do now?
Ellie Sattler- I don't know. Why?
Dr. Grant- Oh I don't know. Its just that....that time back there made me realize something.
Ellie Sattler- Whats that?
Dr. Grant- Dinosaurs and people don't mix well.
Ellie Sattler- Is that it?
Dr. Grant- No.
Ellie Sattler- What then?
Dr. Grant- Well, I was thinking back on the island about that cloning facility. It just doesn't seem right.
Ellie Sattler- Yea I mean we know not-.
Dr. Grant- No, I mean when we were there, did you every see an egg that didn't hatch?
Ellie Sattler- Now that you talk about it, yea, and there also weren't many eggs either.
Dr. Grant- I've been talking to Malcolm, aparently he didn't die, and he came up with the same problem.
Ellie Sattler- What does it mean?
Dr. Grant- Not all the dinosaurs could have been destroyed.

The shut down of the system
Its looking pretty dreary
Of Malcolm no one would listen
So in the end it proved his chaos theory

We sit on this bed and look up
While they haunch and drool down
These dinosuars are running amuck
Rampaging threw this high-tech town

Screams and wails are heard
The running of many feet
To be safe is to be a bird
For people are turning into meat.

6. Michael Crichton was born in Chicago in 1942. He graduated from Harvard Medical School and went on to write several books, Jurassic Park, among them. Later Jurassic Park would become a motion picture. Other books of his include Timeline, Prey, and The Lost World which is the sequal to Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park

7. * Man against Nature- When the Dinosaurs get out, everyone is on their toes as they try and escape the jaws and many feet.
* Man against Man- Hammond's company is further along with cloning so Robert Gennero and his opposing company decides that they need to steal the technology.

8. * -"Well what's the problem?" "I just wish I could see her, is all," Ellen said. Then down the beach, carried by the wind, they heard their daughter's voice. She was screaming.-

* -....Seeing Muldoon throw the gate wide,seeing him reaching for her, shouting to her,grabbing her arm and pulling her through so hard she was yanked off her feet and fell to the ground. And she turned in time to see first, one, then two-then three-animals hit the fence and snarl.-

* -He raised his head as another compy jumped onto his chest, the animal surprisingly light and delicate. Hammond felt only a slight pain, very slight, as the compy bent to chew his neck.

Snarling animals

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pictures related to Summer Readig/Viewing

Dyno Bait
1. In this picture, Ian Malcom, one of the leading mathematicians in the chaos theory, is being chased by an TyranisoarisRex. I chose this picture because for my summer reading I chose to read "Jurrasic Park". In this book Ian strongly opposed the construction of the knew theme park, Jurrasic Park. He said that it woud never work because of the chaos theory. Many people did not believe him. Later on when the power went out and the dynosoars got out Ian found out first hand how right he was.
Of Mice and Men number

Period 4